Production of religious items in the province of Ancona

The faith and devotion of many is channelled through religious articles which allow you to follow your prayers and entrust yourself to your faith. These are simple but extraordinary objects in their simplicity and this is why they are so very beloved. Arrel has been producing and selling religious items for more than twenty years, for all needs, paying special and constant attention to the quality of each and every item.
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The quality of our
Made in Italy products

Arrel srl, is a family-run company based in Filottrano, in the province of Ancona, and for more than 20 years has been working in the wholesale and wholesale distribution of beads for rosaries and jewellery, small Buddhist beads, imitation jewels, stone and wooden beads and much more. The quality of our products have stood the test of time allowing us "Made in Italy" status and the recognition that accompanies this status.
This, combined with our quality raw materials means we're able to fight off mass and low-cost production abroad.

Safe products

Our company is regularly subjected to detailed safety checks on all materials used and our production cycle, so that every single item is safe and harmless for personal use. We select only quality materials to avoid stimulating allergies and other harmful phenomena that can be triggered by varnishes and other finishes that do not comply with applicable safety laws.

Guarantee of authenticity

We are proud to be able to guarantee the authenticity of our religious articles. We're especially proud of this operating as we do in a market where mass-produced in-authentic items are so readily available. Arrel srl is synonymous with 100% exclusive Made in Italy products: quality, authentic and safe.

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